Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking horse international rocking horses offers wooden rocking horses for kids and adults. This Victorian rocker horse maker and antique rocking horse restorer offers traditional rocking horses, kids rocking horses and wooden rocking horses. Rocking horse toys are hand made by craftsmen specialising in hand made rocking horses. Plush rocking horses are an alternative to wooden rocking horses such as Radio Flyer rocking horses, which are not produced. If you aim to make your own rocking horse, rocking horse plans are offered by some companies. White rocking horses were traditionally dapple grey and this may be the white rocking horse which appeals. A plush rocking horse could be a pink rocking horse or even a black rocking horse as a wooden one could be. A classic rocking horse could be described as an antique or vintage rocking horse but the wooden rocking horse is the most enduring of all.


europe's best rocking horse

Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse

"Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse" is the rocking horse which has enchanted European children. This award-winning rocking horse is now delighting American children and indeed children worldwide.

This stylish rocking horse is perfect for a young child. It is a
rocking horse to treasure. A true rocking horse heirloom.

Don't settle for just any rocking horse, choose the right rocking horse: follow the link for details of Europe's Favourite Rocking Horse.

Traditional Rocking Horse

Rocking horse lovers around the world have been thrilled by a traditional English rocking horse, whether it has been in the style of a Victorian rocking horse or a more contemporary rocking horse.

The beautiful hand-made rocking horses are carved by experienced British professional rocking horse makers using proven, traditional techniques.

Choose the right rocking horse, not just any rocking horse and look forward to welcoming a work of classic craftsmanship to your home.

Follow this link to learn more about these traditional rocking horses.

victorian rocking horse

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